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About Us

Shepperton physiotherapy was inspired by Alex Poulton who is an experienced physiotherapist whose dream was to create a modern physiotherapy clinic that provides an excellent patient experience, with as close to gold standard treatment that is physically possible for each patient that walks through the door.

The dream was made possible through the backing of a patient of Alex’s, now co-founder and director of the company Deniz Saymaz who worked 13 years in IT industry as a business development director with a specialism based in customer experience saw the potential and the rest is history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Physiotherapy is Conservative or nonsurgical treatment of disease, physical injury or deformity. The key methods we use are exercise massage, heat, treatment and other treatments such as shockwave therapy.

In your initial assessment, you’ll be greeted by an expert physiotherapist. Who will sit down with you. firstly discussing your past medical history as well as anything else may be relevant to your current condition, ruling out anything serious.

The physiotherapist will then undertake an in-depth assessment of your problem, looking at strength, range of motion, quality of movement, and any other assessment that Physio may see fit for the problem you have .

The physiotherapist will then provide a diagnosis and treatment plan prescribing the necessary treatment based on the assessment findings. This is where you journey to wellness begins.

How many sessions you will need will depend on the severity irritability and nature of the issue have the average number of appointments is 3 to 5 generally.

After a thorough assessment by a physiotherapist he or she will be able to refer you back to the relevant doctor If necessary, whether it be surgical, orthopaedic, neurology or GP referral. We have got you covered.

All of our physiotherapists at Shepperton physiotherapy have exceptional experience across a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions. You can take a look at each of a physios biographies, and this will give you a great idea of the specific experience, and this may also guide you in picking the right Physio for you.